Kabuki Soga Goro

Kabuki Soga Goro


Danjūrō IX as Soga Goro is a ukiyo-e woodblock print by the Japanese artist Toyohara Kunichika. Ichikawa Danjūrō IX, the ninth actor to be granted the name in his lineage, was the torchbearer of kabuki during the Meiji era, a turbulent time when Japan was modernizing and opening itself to the West. Prints of kabuki actors are always depicted with crossed eyes to indicate that they do not depict the actual figure, but an actor playing him.

The Soga Brothers is a revenge story about the brothers Goro and Juro who avenge the accidental killing of their father by the lord Kudo. At its climax, they dramatically proclaim:

“Ye who are afar, hear and tremble! Ye who are near, behold and wonder. We have just slain Kudo-Suketsune as he killed our father Kawazu-Saburo. We have attained the long cherished object!”

Size (inch) 13
Weight Light
Weight (mg/sq in) 68
Material 100% silk
Made in France