Suit options

The charcoal trial suit is made with all the default options on this form. If you're not sure about an option, it's best to stick with the default.



Gorge height (the notch where the collar meets the lapel):

Most jackets produced from 2014 to February 2015 have a high gorge, though we now recommend the standard gorge. Contact us if you want to know which gorge your trial suit or previous order has.


- No canvas, no padding. Light weight, but doesn't drape as smoothly, a casual look.

- Highly recommended if you will ever be in warm weather

Lining fabric:

Piping (edging around internal pockets):

Lapel size:

No other options are available

Lapel facing (for tuxedo):


Side pockets:

Ticket pocket:

Flap size:

Chest pocket:


Sleeve buttons:

Sleeve buttons overlap:

Cuff finishing:

Throat tab (for casual winter jackets, allows you to button the collar closed):

Phone pocket:

- Not compatible with half lining

Pick stitching:

Corozo white

Elbow patches: