Face mask Thomas Mason pindot blue

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This fabric is from the esteemed British-Italian mill Thomas Mason, woven from double twisted yarns spun from the finest extra-long cotton fibers.

Our face mask includes a pocket for a PM 2.5 filter that is designed to filter out particles larger than 2.5 microns. Utilizing activated carbon, this protects against pathogens, pollutants, and allergens. All masks include one filter; additional filters are available.

Pleats, a flexible wire nose bridge, and adjustable side straps ensure our mask fits any face shape snugly. A well-fitting mask is essential for stopping pathogens from escaping through the sides, and also prevents glasses from fogging up.

The face mask can also be worn as a pocket square.
More Information
Size 8.25" wide, 6" expanded vertically
Size 21 cm wide, 15 cm expanded vertically
Material 100% cotton woven in Italy by Thomas Mason
Made in Canada

Masks should be washed every day, so you may need multiple masks. Machine wash cold on the gentle cycle. Or hand wash with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Hang dry.

Filters cannot be washed, and should be replaced after 24 hours of cumulative use. For example, if you wear it 8 hours a day, replace after 3 days. If you wear it 4 hours a day, replace after 6 days.

Returns not accepted, due to hygiene reasons. If there is a defect, we'll of course send you a replacement.

Disclaimer: This mask is not intended as a medical device. We make no warranties about its medical effectiveness.