Safari jacket custom

Custom order. 6-8 weeks. Cannot be returned

Custom orders take 6-8 weeks. Custom orders cannot be returned. Please try on a RTW jacket first.

You can send us photos of how the RTW jacket fits on you and we'll work out what measurements need to be changed. No expertise required.

Questions about custom safari jackets:

A lightweight jacket with no lining, this wears more like an overshirt than a jacket. Suitable for warm temperatures, or layered with a sweater in winter.

Safari jackets were first developed for British soldiers serving in Africa in the 19th century. Our safari jacket inherits the practical features of that design with adjustable waist tabs and four pleated pockets. In keeping with our minimalist aesthetic, we omitted the belt, epaulets, and other unnecessary elements of the original military jacket.

Wear this safari jacket whenever a sportcoat or suit may be too formal—or too hot. Eminently versatile, it pairs well with anything, including aloha shirts, polo shirts, and even ties.

Horn buttons. Hand set sleeves for a more precise fit. Hand sewn buttonholes and bar tacks. Buttons attached by hand with crow's foot stitch.

The fit of all our safari jackets is slim, similar to H&M and Zara, much slimmer than Polo Custom Fit, Brooks Brothers Slim Fit, Banana Republic, J. Crew and nearly all other US retail brands.

The sizes do not correspond exactly with our dress shirts and polos; their rough equivalents are listed below. Measurements are in inches.

Polo size M L XL XXL
Shirt size 15 15.5 16 16.5
Neck 15 16 17 18
Shoulder 18 19 20 20.75
Chest 21 22 23 23.75
Waist 19 20 21 21.5
Jacket length 28.5 30 31 32
Sleeve length 23.75 25 25.75 26

As with all shirts, machine wash cold on the gentle cycle and hang dry only. Heated drying will shorten the life of your shirt, as will the chemicals used in dry cleaning. A few minutes in the dryer on the no heat / air puff cycle before hang drying will reduce wrinkling. Also avoid bleach, fabric softener, and starch. It's best to wash your shirts yourself, but any good cleaner, given these instructions, will suffice.

Over a few washes, if hang dried, shrinkage will be almost imperceptible. The neck will shrink about 0.25" and the shirt length and sleeve length about 0.5". If machine dried, shrinkage may be around 1". We cannot accept returns on washed or worn garments.

Spare buttons are available at no charge.