Linen/cotton white 14.5

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Linen/cotton is the ideal fabric for warm weather. It is actually cooler than pure linen because it is not as dense and stiff. It is also suitable for year-round wear as you can just wear an undershirt or more layers for warmth.

This fabric blend also lacks the slubs and wrinkle-prone nature of linen and is appropriate for wear with a suit, as it looks just like pure cotton. It is equally suited to casual wear: take the collar stays out, roll the sleeves up, and wear untucked.
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Size 14.5
Cuff Button
Material 80% cotton, 20% linen

The fit is very slim, slightly slimmer than H&M and Zara, much slimmer than Polo Custom Fit, Brooks Brothers Slim Fit, Banana Republic, and nearly all other US retail brands. The sizes do not correspond exactly with our polos and sweaters; their rough equivalents are listed below. Measurements are in inches.

  Size 14.5Size 15Size 15.75Size 16.5
Retail size 14.5-32.5 15-33.5 15.75-35.25 16.5-35.75
Jacket size 34-35R 36-37R 38-40R 41-42R
Polo size S M L XL
Neck 14.5 15 15.75 16.5
Shoulder 17.25 18 19.5 20
Sleeve 24 24.5 25.5 26
Chest 20 21 22 22.5
Waist 16.5 17.5 19 20
Length 27.5 28.5 29 30


All shirts feature large, luxurious mother of pearl buttons, with the highest grade of iridescence. We challenge you to find better mother of pearl buttons.

All shirts feature pattern matching at the shoulders and throughout.


We can also make custom shirts based on your measurements in any of the fabrics we offer. The price is the same as the ready-to-wear shirts and will take about six weeks.

Unlike other custom shirtmakers, we prefer to first send you one of our ready-to-wear shirts for you to try on, and then you can note measurement modifications based on that (e.g. +1" waist, -0.5" sleeve, etc.). This allows us to have a very good chance of making your first shirt fit well. Whereas the more common method of simply submitting a set of measurements typically results in ill-fitting, unwearable shirts for the first one or two iterations, and is a waste of your time and money.

To get started, take a look at the above measurement guide and purchase a shirt that you think will fit you best. If it just happens to be perfect, then you can keep the shirt. If not, return it and we'll make you a new shirt with your desired modifications.

Any combination of styling choice (collars, cuffs) and fabrics is possible. Please contact us for details.

As with all shirts, machine wash cold on the gentle cycle and hang dry only. Heated drying will shorten the life of your shirt, as will the chemicals used in dry cleaning. A few minutes in the dryer on the no heat, air puff cycle before hang drying will reduce wrinkling. Also avoid bleach, fabric softener, and starch as much as possible. It's best to wash your shirts yourself, but any good cleaner, given these instructions, will suffice.

Over a few washes, if hang dried, shrinkage will be almost imperceptible. The neck will shrink about 0.25" and the shirt length and sleeve length about 0.5". If machine dried, shrinkage may be around 1". We cannot accept returns on washed or worn garments.

Additional spare buttons are available at no charge.