Hojicha tea

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Hojicha (Japanese for "roast tea") is a style of green tea. The leaves are heavily roasted at harvest, instead of steamed like sencha. The roasting temperature is much higher than with other Asian teas, turning the leaves brown, while also reducing astringency and caffeine content.

The long roasting process imparts rich, nutty, earthy flavors with hints of barley and smoke. When brewed, this tea gives off a heady roasted aroma, similar to coffee. Suitable for drinking hot or cold, hojicha is even robust enough to pair with nuts and grilled meats.

Located in the historic center of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been blending tea for nearly three centuries. The small, family-owned business sources tea leaves from small farms in the surrounding Kyoto area. This region produces the highest quality tea in Japan, thanks to its mild, humid climate and mineral-rich soil.
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