Bridle leather belt

Custom order. 3 weeks. Cannot be returned
While most mass-market leather goods are made of corrected grain leather—lower quality leather covered with a layer of vinyl to hide flaws—we use full grain, vegetable-tanned bridle leather that will age beautifully over time.

While most belts are made of two layers of leather stitched together, we use a single piece of bridle leather. Bridle leather is intended for horse bridles, and must be both strong and flexible. The finishing process for bridle leather is highly labor-intensive, so tanneries only select the best hides for this process.

Nickel-plated brass buckle. Screws allow you to remove and change the buckle.

Belts are handmade to order, and take about 3 weeks.

To select the right length, measure a belt from the hole you use the most to the far end of the buckle. This is usually 2" larger than your waist. As belts are custom made, they cannot be returned.
More Information
Made in USA
Size 1.25" wide
Size 32 mm wide

Do the following routine every 6 months to keep the leather moist.

  1. 1. Remove dust with a paper towel
  2. 2. Apply Saphir Renovateur with chamois cloth to the smooth side of the leather. Do not apply to the rough side of the leather.
  3. 3. Wait 15 minutes
  4. 4. Use the chamois cloth to buff the Renovateur to a shine