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This oxford cloth button-down collar shirt (OCBD) recalls New England prep sensibilities with very minimal features: no pockets, no back pleats, one button cuff, and short collar points (2.5").

The button-down collar and sturdier fabric give the shirt a more casual look; it can easily be worn without a tie.

The materials are high quality, above Band of Outsiders and Brooks Brothers. The fabric is a royal oxford which has a softer texture than regular oxford, and is 2-ply for greater longevity. It is fairly thick but suitable for year-round wear.
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Material100% cotton

As with all shirts, machine wash cold on the gentle cycle and hang dry only. Heated drying will shorten the life of your shirt, as will the chemicals used in dry cleaning. A few minutes in the dryer on the no heat, air puff cycle before hang drying will reduce wrinkling. Also avoid bleach, fabric softener, and starch as much as possible. It's best to wash your shirts yourself, but any good cleaner, given these instructions, will suffice.

Over a few washes, if hang dried, shrinkage will be almost imperceptible. The neck will shrink about 0.25" and the shirt length and sleeve length about 0.5". If machine dried, shrinkage may be around 1". We cannot accept returns on washed or worn garments.

Additional spare buttons are available at no charge.

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