About our humble haberdashery

We are a small company with only two employees, dedicated to making high quality, classic menswear at reasonable prices.

Kent Wang founded the company in 2007 out of a frustration with the difficulty of finding even basic linen pocket squares at local retailers. We have since expanded into several product lines offering classic, timeless designs that the mainstream fashion industry have forsaken.


We do things a little differently from other retailers. We believe in simplicity and honesty, and don't play the games other companies like to play.

No discounts

We don't do sales or discounts. We believe it's better to have one low price for everyone at all times. Other stores artificially inflate retail prices so they can offer discounts later—we don't. There's no need to wait for a sale, our prices are low year-round.

Low margins

As we sell directly to customers, we don't need to charge the high profit margins that brick & mortar shops do. Our costs go toward making quality products, not on fancy storefronts and advertising campaigns. Our cuff link prices, in particular, are much lower than others as we don't charge exorbitant jewelry industry markups.

No pressure tactics

We never have offers "for a limited time only"; there's no pressure to "act now". We don't do limited editions; we never artificially limit supply in order to inflate prices. Good products will always remain available, so that if you want to buy one years later we'll still have it.

Straight-forward pricing

No deceptive prices like $19.99—we're not afraid to say something is $20.

No visible branding

The quality of our products speak for themselves. You already paid for the item—we don't need you to be a walking billboard.

Minimal packaging

We minimize packaging in order to reduce our impact on the environment and save money for the customer.

Clear descriptions

We don't use affected color names like ‘Hawaiian Ocean’ or call our shoes ‘Park Avenue’ when ‘captoe balmoral’ is much more informative.