Stock & Special Order Fabrics

Stock fabrics have lower prices and faster production times than fabrics we special-order for you. 

Special-order fabrics have wider variety.

We can get you any fabric in the world that is sold by the yard or the meter.

2023 Stock Fabrics

click on any swatch image in the links for fabric weight, composition and pricing

Sienna Exclusive Suiting (new version of Filarte Essentials)  all season solids, fancy weaves and stripes, AA level

Sienna Italian Exclusives I (new version of VBC & Reda I) solid, fancy weaves, stripes and plaid suiting from two of Italy's greatest mills, A level

Sienna Italian Exclusives II (new version of VBC & Reda II) additional fancy weaves, also blazer-friendly textured solids and flannels, A level

European Classics 2023 our edits of ranges from the greatest Italian mills: winterweight suiting from Zegna, Super 150s from Loro Piana, wool-linen-silk blends also from Loro PIana, Blue Feel hopsacks from Drago, and also Drago's Rugby flannels.  

Drago Bluefeel lightweight open weave summer suiting in solids and patterns

Casual Cotton & Linen Collection cotton twills, cotton and linen blends from Carlo Bonomi and others

2022 cottons and linens

Iniziare Jacketing jacket and sport coat fabrics from Gladson and others, AA pricing

NEW FW23 Reda Autumn Sport Coats elegant jacketings from Reda and Gladson's Snowflake range

NEW FW23 Reda Sport Coats worsted jacketings for all-season wear


Limited Edition books of our stock fabrics are a mix of fall/winter, spring/summer, and all-season fabrics. Some suiting works as jacketing and vice versa, so be sure to check them all.

Limited Edition Jacketings 1

Limited Edition Jacketings 2

Limited Edition Jacketings 3 

Limited Edition Jacketings 4 

Limited Edition Jacketings 5 

NEW FW23 Limited Edition Vol. 1 Soft jacketings and suitings from Loro Piana, Drago and VBC, plus wide wale corduroys from Pontoglio 1883 Alternate View

NEW FW23 Limited Edition Vol 2  Alternate View


Limited Edition Suitings 1

Limited Edition Suitings 2 


NEW Limited Edition 2023 Volume 1 mostly jacketing, some suiting

NEW Limited Edition 2023 Volume 2 mostly jacketing, some suiting


Other stock books: 

VBC Lightweight Solids — classic gabardine trouser fabric in a wide range of neutrals and colors; for a fuller selection, check Gladson's Blasone

Italian Spring/Summer Luxury Solids —  lightweight pure wool and wool/mohair blends, perfect for tuxedos, E level


Solid Linings

Printed Linings

NEW Woven Pattern Linings



Special Order Fabrics

NEW FW23 English Jacketing popular priced tweeds and flannels from Ross & Scott and Jorge Carli

NEW FW23 La Vetta Autumn Sport Coats autumn jacketing from Carnet and Marzoni, including wool denim for jackets, trousers and suits.

NEW FW23 Holland & Sherry Ascot our edit of H&S ranges of soft autumn jacketing

 Autumn 140s Suiting flannels and other milled finish suitings from Jorge Carli at popular prices


Palazzo I cotton linen and wool solid jacketing, also silk linen wool plaids

Palazzo lI classic suiting in solids and fancy weaves, also solid hopsack jacketing

Palazzo lII classic suiting in stripes, plaids and checks

Palazzo lV classic suiting in stripes, plaids and checks flannels and milled finish jacketing in solids, herringbones, and plaids, also wool cashmere and angora coating

Palazzo lV cashmere coating, cashmere silk jacketing and wool flannels in solids, stripes and plaids for jackets trousers and suits


SOFT COATS & KNIT JACKETING from Gladson, Gruppo Dondi and others

Soft Coats & Knits 1 

Soft Coats & Knits 2 

Soft Coats & Knits 3 

Soft Coats & Knits 4 

Soft Coats & Knits 2023


SCABAL links to all collections, including

Scabal selection


FOX famous for flannels and other English heritage fabrics

The Merchant Fox note pricing is better through us than if you purchase yourself


FRATELLI TALLIA DI DELFINO Italian fabric mill with distinctive offerings

Selection here of FW22/23 and SS23


CACCIOPOLI Italian fabric merchant with classic Neapolitan style, latest books include

3201 Jackets

3202 Suits

3203 Special Cotton & Irish Linen

3101 Special Events II tuxedo & ceremony fabrics

3102 Special Cotton cotton seersucker and linen in unusual stripes


GLADSON links to all collections, including:

Reda Sport Coats jacketing for all seasons  links to all collections, including

Drago 160s  suiting

Carlo Barbera Spring Jackets

Blasone Solids for trousers, blazers, or suits

Gladson Bamboo Solids for jackets

Gladson Bamboo Patterns for jackets

La Vetta Sport Coats



Our main source of genuine Irish linens.  Start with the Tropical and Lismore ranges for trousers, suits and jackets.  Note anything lighter than ~150g/m is for shirts.


LORO PIANA follow link to all books or download the Loro Piana eFabrics app for more

Mare summery linens and cottons and wool-silk seersuckers

Australis Super 150s suiting

Cashmere for jackets, blazers and suits

The Smarter stain resistant hard wearing weaves in twill, denim, and flannels

Tasmanian 170s for fine suits

Volare wool and wool-blend suiting with stretch

Jersey wool and wool-cashmere knits for jackets, blazers and suits

Australis Jackets, classic checked and plaid jacketing in Super 150s wool


STYLBIELLA Italian fabric merchant with high taste level


NEW FW23/24 Seasonal Suiting and Jacketing

NEW FW23/24 Skyline solids for jackets, suits and trousers

NEW FW23/24 Expedition performance & travel suiting with natural stretch, wrinkle resistance, and other properties

SS23 Seasonal Suiting

SS23 Expedition 

SS23 Seasonal Jacketing including seersuckers in unusual solids and stripes, also works as suiting

FW22 Seasonal Suiting

FW22 Seasonal Jacketing

FW22 Skyline 

FW22 Overcoating 

SS22 Seasonal Suiting

SS22 Seasonal Jacketing

SS22 Skyline solids for jackets, suits and trousers

SS22 Expedition performance suiting with natural stretch, wrinkle resistance, and other properties 

Swatch books:

5208 CEREMONY tuxedo and event fabrics

5350 SKYLINE Super 110s solids

5365 EXPEDITION 3 IN 1 anti wrinkle, stretch water repellent

5372 POWER Super 120s

5373 EXPEDITION Winter Flannel solids stripes plaids

5451 KNIGHT 360g winter weight suiting

5452 EXPEDITION Natural Stretch Four Season plaids stripes fancy weaves

5455 JERSEY FLANNEL natural stretch super 100s solids

5470 EXPEDITION BI-STRETCH Super 130s solids

NEW 5713 CUBE 4-ply suiting and jacketing


MARZONI Italian fabric merchant with bold & expansive color range

M46 ss23 jackets including bold linen plaids, also good for suiting

M45 ss23 jackets including solid silk jacketing

M44 ss23 suits

M43 fw22 jackets
M40 fw22 formalwear and overcoats

M39 ss22 jacketing and suiting

M38 ss22 jacketing and suiting

M37 ss22 suiting including evening wear fabrics

M36 fw21 jacketing

M35 fw21 suiting

M34 fw21 jacketing and coating

M33 fw21 suiting

M32 ss21 jacketing

M31 ss21 suiting

M30 ss21 suiting



The famously breathable travel suiting from Hardy Minnis, now at lower-price CL3 level. For availability, check here.

Fresco III a Fresco Lite, a smoother Fresco in a wide range of colors

Fresco III b  Fresco Lite and also classic Fresco, with the distinctive slightly rough texture, in solid colors

Fresco III c more classic Fresco, in solids, checks, and plaids

Fresco III d classic Fresco in stripes and windowpanes, wool-mohair Fresco, supertextured Mock Leno Fresco for blazers, and old-school heavyweight 3-ply Fresco

Here is another view of the above collections.

Fresco Supplement new additional colors and patterns in all Fresco weights and weaves



Abraham Moon Shetland Tweed - price D

Abraham Moon Merino Tweed - price D

For additional tweed jacketing and overcoating check Abraham Moon



Many conservative fabrics are in the A price range, including the ready-to-wear charcoal suit. Other mills & merchants like VBC, Gladson, Ariston, Loro Piana, Zegna etc. start at price range BB or C.

Fabric 2pc suit 3pc suit Jacket Trousers Vest Overcoat
CMT $750 $870 $595 $280 $225 $585 
AA $735 $860 $570 $230 $155 $600 
A $795 $935 $615 $255 $175 $620
B $830 $975 $645 $280 $190 $640
BB $850 $1010 $660 $295 $195 $665
C $890 $1045 $685 $315 $200 $695
D $935 $1095 $710 $340 $215 $745
E $995 $1170 $760 $375 $235 $795
F $1060 $1250 $800 $420 $255 $840
G $1120 $1320 $845 $460 $270 $890
H $1195 $1405 $900 $500 $290 $945
I $1265 $1490 $950 $535 $315 $985
J $1330 $1575 $990 $580 $335 $1040
K $1390 $1645 $1035 $615 $350 $1080
L $1465 $1720 $1080 $660 $370 $1130
M $1535 $1800 $1130 $700 $390 $1165
N $1580 $1870 $1155 $725 $400  
O $1640 $1945 $1200 $765 $420  
CL1 $995 $1180 $765 $380 $240 $820
CL2 $1015 $1210 $785 $395 $245 $830
CL3 $1035 $1245 $795 $415 $255 $850
CL4 $1060 $1275 $815 $425 $260 $870
CL5 $1090 $1305 $830 $435 $265 $890
CL6 $1110 $1335 $850 $455 $270 $915
CL7 $1130 $1370 $870 $465 $280 $935
CL8 $1150 $1400 $880 $475 $290 $955
CL9 $1185 $1430 $900 $495 $295 $975
CL10 $1205 $1460 $910 $510 $305 $995
Tuxedo $45
Jacket half lined $20
Monogram $10

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