Double-sided cuff links

All of our cuff links are double-sided. As Alan Flusser declares in his style bible Dressing The Man:

The most prized examples of cuff link art have always relied on all four sides to convey their craftsmanship and lineage. To fully exploit the cuff link’s decorative potential, each side should bear a design and connect with a chain or link, the reason it is so named. Wearing cuff links that clip on one side exposes the superstructure, and suggests you could only afford the decorative design on the outside.


President John F. Kennedy is depicted here wearing double-sided cuff links in 1960. Up until the 1980s, double-sided cuff links were the norm.

How to put on cuff links

You will find that double-sided cuff links are just as easy to put on as single-sided ones. The easiest way to do so is to thread them through one side of the cuff, one layer of cloth at a time, before putting on your shirt. Put on your shirt and then thread the links through to the other side. Do not thread the links through both sides before putting on your shirt as you may apply excessive stress to the link when you put your hand through the cuffs. Also do not attempt to take off your shirt without threading the cuff links through one side of the cuff first.

Lifetime warranty

We think cuff links should last a lifetime and be heirlooms that you can pass onto your childern, so we offer a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of our all cuff links, stud sets, and tie clips and will repair or replace any defective items. If you should break or lose a cuff link, we can also provide you with half a pair.